Coffee and Jesus

I put whip cream on my coffee this morning.
Yesterday, I didn’t even get to fix myself a cup before I went out the door.
The day before that, it was basic coffee with a little creamer.

Some days are filled with overflowing abundance.

Other days may leave you feeling empty and without.

Either way, my coffee maker was still there. Whether I used it or not, it kept its place on the counter, waiting on me to take full advantage of its power and greatness to produce consistent coffee every time.

That’s God.

On your best day or your worst day, He is there. He wants you to come to Him and allow Him to work in your life. Some days we allow Him to fill us up with all the good stuff…whip cream included. Other days we pass right by and miss an opportunity to drink from an overflowing cup of His mercy, grace and love ever-lasting.

He is consistent and His love never fails. He is the same God on the good days as He is on the bad days. Let’s take advantage of everything God has for us on this day, whether we there’s whip cream on top or not.