Light at the Table

Often times being at the table with the crowd is only because you have something to offer them. There’s not a plate in front of you…just a place at the table. It’s not for you to eat from, just share your light.

You lose your seat until you are needed again and you feel the light inside of you begin to flicker. It’s discouraging to be used by the world, but the hurt comes deep when you realize that someone who is a Christian (maybe even a friend) has yanked away your chair from underneath you.

My friend, keep shining and the next time a seat is offered at their table, kindly decline. Their invitation was because they needed your light to illuminate their darkness for a moment in time and they never had any intention of feeding you, as you watched them ingest everything you placed in front of them.

You accommodated a request.
Fulfilled a need.
Fixed a mistake.
They are all about taking rather than giving.

Good news is…

There’s always a seat at Jesus’ table.
He fulfilled your needs.
He fixed all our mistakes on the cross.
He is always giving more than He takes.

He doesn’t pull the chair out from underneath you, but pushes it closer to the table and wants nothing more than to offer you everything He has. He fans the flame inside of you as you sit and sup with Him.

Refuse to let other people steal from your light and from your joy in Jesus.
Somewhere, God is preparing a seat at a table that you will bring your light to, but you have the privilege of a place-setting to dine a full course meal.

I know you are hungry.