There’s a lot of good things in this world. You ask me what’s good, I’m probably going to tell you in this moment that coffee is good. It’s waking me up and I enjoy sipping on a cup every morning as I read God’s Word. Overall, we are known to give the label “good” to “Fridays”, foods, songs and “selfies”. There’s so many “good” things that I don’t think we can number them, but we will sing praises to them to share how wonderful they are!

As I was reading in Psalm 135 this morning, verse 3 says “Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing to His name, for it is pleasant!” As often as we will sing praises to the “good” in this world, how much more should we sing praises to our Lord! He is the epitome of good. He is where our standard of good comes from. We wouldn’t know good without Him. But here comes the kicker…

When is the last time that we sang praises to Him? Listen, I know we translate singing as belting out a melodious tune, but this girl right here isn’t a singer. Now, I will sing in the car and in the shower, but don’t give me a microphone…let alone a solo, cause I will clear the building fast, sister! So, you probably aren’t going to find me on stage singing, but there are other ways to sing praises! Use every opportunity as a chance to exalt the Lord…to thank Him…to praise Him for all He has done and continues to do in your life. Not sure He’s done anything? Well, if you are reading this, you are breathing…you have somewhat of an education because you understand the jumble of letters on your screen…so praise Him for that! Often, we don’t want to associate God with goodness because of the things we see around us that are anything but good. Bad and evil doesn’t initiate with our Heavenly Father. Even more so, it’s hard to see the goodness of God when we don’t “feel good”. We can’t allow self to trump God, but we do it more than we think when we allow everything else to come between our view of His goodness! Listen, I’ve been around for almost 39 years, and God has never failed me. I’ve been discouraged, hurt and broken…but none of those things came from Him. It was either because of my own doing or from living in a broken world.

Maybe you don’t feel like God is good? I quite frankly don’t know why I am writing this…or how I got to this particular verse this morning, but I can promise you, based on the infallible and inerrant Word of God that when you sing His praises, it is pleasant! Try it.

Find an opportunity today to praise the Lord. Your attitude will change and your soul will be encouraged. Your outlook on the rest of this day will be one of praise, no matter the circumstances you are in, because you chose to start with praise to the Lord Almighty! Let’s look at the goodness of The Lord like we do that first sip of coffee on a sleepy Friday morning!

Have a good day in the Lord, my friend.