Got someone in your life that should open a laundromat because they are so wishy-washy? They can’t commit, make a decision and when it comes to their walk with the Lord, they are even more afraid to stand on the Word because it may offend someone. Maybe that’s you? I’ve been there before. If we are going to call ourselves Christians we can’t possibly be offending people, right? Well, honestly that is furtherest from the truth! The Word of God is offensive at times…because as a child of God we should look different from this world…in our attitude, speech, actions and everyday decisions. Now, I don’t go around trying to make people mad…I just love them and try to use every opportunity as one to mention the name of Jesus. Why? Because there is power within that name! It may offend at times, but it is to “clean us up”, for lack of a better word, and help us display Jesus to this lost and dying world.

In 1 Corinthians 2:16, Paul said, ‘For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?’ But we have the mind of Christ.”

Oh, the mind of Christ! I don’t believe it was wishy-washy, do you? I know it to be firm, yet loving…divisive and at the same time, inclusive. I know that God has never worried about making a decision or toiled over “what to do”. I sometimes feel like we look at God and His mind/plans like our laundry. We are sorted, thrown in together with some suds to clean us up and then when we are washed, dried and folded neatly. Then we are to stay in our spiritual closet…maybe a church pew…until we die. I have talked with many people that live such defeated, wringing-wet lives and claim to be Christian. That’s NOT our lives as a child of God! God has plans for each of us within the Kingdom. You aren’t hung out to dry each day by our Lord. A lot of times, the reason we feel those ways are because we refuse to get into the Bible and seek the mind of Christ. We refuse to pray AND listen to God. We have gotten so distracted with everything else, we can’t hear when He is speaking to us. Most of the time, we are just spinning around in circles trying to make it to the next “load” or “cycle”.

As I am sitting here staring out across the lake, sipping my coffee and meditating on the mind of Christ, I am pausing to be reminded that my spirit woman should always seek the truth, love the good and choose the right. I want to do His will and live by faith each day. When you live by faith in Christ, you can trust that nothing is getting lost in the wash!