Broken Promises

This world will lie to you. Even some of the people that you thought you could trust will let you down.

But, one thing is for certain…God NEVER breaks His promises. In Psalm 89, the psalmist talks about the covenant that God had with David and how He exalted Him. Verse 34 stood out to me, because it says “I will not violate My covenant or change what My lips have said.” Thank you Lord!

Remember that today…tomorrow and the next day. God doesn’t change. The same God that chose David when he was anointed as a boy with oil, is the same God that has a covenant with you! He wants to exalt you, anoint you and do great and mighty things through you! Don’t forget that He hasn’t changed and His lips aren’t saying anything different to us through the scriptures as they said to those in the Old Testament. That gets me excited and it should you, too!

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and for never breaking a promise to me. You are steadfast and never changing. I will trust in You.

Live in the knowledge today that even though other’s lips may change, God’s remain unchanged! There’s no broken promises with God!

Psalm 89

Desperation (Psalm 88)

My sweet Tucker has been having a rough time over the last couple of weeks. This kid is wise beyond his years. I’ve watched my sweet, playful guy become somber and cry so many tears over the last week. All because he is struggling with the devil playing tricks with his mind…getting in his head and just plain out messin’ with him! As I was reading in Psalm 88, I could see such parallels to the desperation by the writer to my sweet Tucker. He has been desperate to rid the devil from attacking his mind.

He said he seen something that upset him and then I think playing video games has contributed to it a little bit, too. If you don’t believe that the devil uses things like television, movies and the internet to attack our children, you might want to stop reading this…then again, you might need to read it. I have always monitored what my kids watch or have access to, but the sad thing about the internet is that one video leads to another and another and then before they know it, they have been sucked into a dark realm of watching something that has nothing to do with their original intent. It’s quite scary as a mama to think of the darkness that lurks on the other side of a computer screen awaiting to devour our children.

Thankfully, my sweet Tucker did the right thing. He came to me to pray, we read The Word and he has even talked to our pastor about it. So blessed by a wonderful pastor and church family that encourages our family and always point us to the Lord. When your child tells you the thoughts inside his head scare him, and he doesn’t want to act on them, it’s so heartbreaking. Thankfully, he knows where to go. Just the like the writer of Psalm 88. His faith was evident, but he was still so sad. My sweet boy is going to be okay. The Holy Spirit that lives within him is bigger than the devil. The devil has no place in my home or yours.

If this post is for nothing more than you to take a moment and check up on your own babies and talk to them…see what they are watching and how it affects them. Also, for us as adults, we must be accountable to the content that goes into our heads, as well. What goes in, is what comes out. We have become the “stars” of our own lives with social media and diaries of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, we aren’t supposed to be the center…God is. It creates a lot of desperation within ourselves that could be avoided….we end up being prideful, jealous, bitter and hateful because we can’t live beyond our social media lives. We got to keep up with everyone else. Now, social media can be good, don’t get me wrong. However, I have seen it cause more problems than it has fix them. It’s all about balance, I suppose, but a lot of people don’t know how to balance and that’s when the devil creeps in our lives.

Let’s not forget the devil is real. He is attacking our children at a rate that is astounding. Are they grounded in their faith enough to talk about it? Are we pouring faith and speaking truth over our children or we allowing phones, the internet and this world to raise our babies? I know it’s tough…I debated on even writing this today, but I felt God wanted be to share it with someone. And honestly, I have a lump in my throat as finish up, because I’m not sure that it even makes sense. My fingers have just been going and I don’t have time to proofread because I have a busy day today. I just want to put it out there and let God use it for His glory.

As I have told Tucker, I am going to tell you so you can tell your babies (or yourself).

God is bigger than the devil.

The devil has no place in your life, so tell him to get out of your head.

God has big plans for you.

The devil wants to see you defeated. Don’t cry. Don’t worry. Trust that he knows where he is going and he doesn’t like it. You remind him of who you serve and smile…cause you have the joy of Jesus within you!

Don’t live in a dark place. Talk to someone. Encourage someone whenever you get the chance and love on those around you.


Read the Bible.

Desperation isn’t for the child of God. We may have times that we feel that way, but don’t live there, friend.

I love you.

Psalm 87

Zion. Heaven. That’s what this Psalm is all about.

I know we can’t begin to imagine what heaven is going to be like! For those that trusted Jesus as our personal Savior we have something to look forward to! I love the South and call it home, but my true home is not found here…it is in heaven with my Lord, my Jesus, my God!

As I was reading, I chose to focus on the very last verse (7). It says, “My whole source of joy is in you.” Also, it could be translated, “all my springs (water) are in you.” For some reason, a water tower popped in my head. I guess I was thinking from the standpoint that I drive by one everyday taking the kids to school and I know that it’s where our drinking water is stored. Just like with God, our joy is stored up in Him. It springs out from Him into our lives. Without Him, there is no joy.

I just needed a simple reminder this morning when I may get discouraged, frustrated or exhausted with life at times, I can go to my strong tower (Proverbs 18:10) and know He will be my supply for joy everlasting! You can trust that in Him there is enough to quench your soul and fill your spiritual cup until it runs over!

“You are my strong tower
A shelter over me
Beautiful and mighty
Everlasting king
You are my strong tower
Fortress when I’m weak
Your name is true and holy
And your face is all I see”

I can’t wait to get to heaven and see that strong tower…that whole source of my joy!

Psalm 86

As I read through Psalm 86 today, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the words in verse 10:

“For You are great and perform wonders; You alone are God.”

I decided to take out my calendar and write it on this week’s pages as a reminder of a pretty awesome week. God has blessed me tremendously over the last several weeks and I am so thankful. I have seen Him do some amazing things for me at work, at home and several prayers answered! I’m humbled at what God can do when we pray for Him to use us for His glory! He puts people and situations in our path and we must be willing to put Him above ourselves! I love being able to say to those around me, “It’s not me…it’s God.

Oh, He is so great. He performs wonders, friend.

I have been preparing all day for a hand-lettering class at the studio, so I figured I could use a little more practice before teaching… 😂

Maybe you need to be reminded that God is great and He is able to perform amazing things…wonderful things…in your life today.


Do you feel as if there is a lack of peace in your life? Now, I don’t mean the chaos that can come with everyday life…work, school, family, baseball practice…that kind of stuff. I mean, absolute peace the comes from the Lord. The peace that settles in your spirit. The peace that is found amidst all the junk in this world swirling around you? It can be difficult to find at times. Psalm 85:8 says:

“Let me hear what God the Lord will speak, for He will speak peace to his people, to his saints; but let them not turn back to folly.”

Maybe the first reason we are unable to experience peace is because we don’t want to listen. We got to hear what the Lord speaks into our lives. We are so distracted with everything else around us, we can’t listen to God. Our ears are full of chaos from this world. He is speaking, my friend. Mute the world and tune into Jesus.

Secondly, I believe we get in our own way at times. We don’t want to turn back to folly…doing things our own way instead of God’s way. We lack faithfulness. There is no peace where there is a lack of faithfulness to God. Psalm 85 goes on to say in verse 10:

“Steadfast love and faithfulness meet; righteousness and peace kiss each other.”

Oh, I love this! When we have love and faithfulness to God because He has first had love and faithfulness to us, then we are met at a place where righteousness kisses peace. I have this picture of my Father bending over to kiss the peace on my forehead from love and faithfulness that we have for each other! It’s an eternal bond of friendship that sprouts peace and blessing in our lives like wildflowers in a field!

All in all, peace is found in our lives when we choose to live a life devoted to our Lord. Remember, through Jesus Christ, we are made righteous. And to experience peace, we must live out that righteousness found in Him. Close your eyes and allow His peace to be “Son-kissed” on your face today! Others will see it and you will be handing out “wildflowers of blessing” wherever you go!

Psalm 85

Monday’s Main Thing

The Monday after Easter. The resurrected Jesus is walking and appearing to those that once knew Him as dead. I am sure that if we could go back to “Monday” all those years ago there would be rejoicing and joy unexplainable for the followers of Christ. They could see the evidence of death in His hands and on His side, yet He was alive!

What about our Monday? Are we living in the same joy today as we were yesterday? Are we still rejoicing over our risen Savior or is it back to “business as usual”?

Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 is quick to point out the “main thing” to the church at Corinth.

  • Christ died for us. (Verse 3)
  • He was buried. (Verse 4)
  • He arose on the 3rd day. (Verse 4)
  • He was seen by over 500 eyewitnesses. (Verse 6)
  • He also appeared to Paul. (Verse 8)

In the beginning of 15, Paul says, “I want to clarify for you the gospel.” Now, I know there was some time (looks like about 20 years from the timeline in my Bible) between the time of Jesus’ resurrection until Paul wrote this letter, but it seems they needed some reminding of the main thing. The church seemed to struggle with purity and maturity. Isn’t that how we are today? We believe…we love Jesus…but we don’t want to truly be pure (die to self and devote our life to serving God) and we don’t want to mature. We like to live in the pageantry of a day, because it makes us feel good and then when Monday rolls around we are back to our old selves…immaturely forgetting what Christ did for us.

We must keep the main thing (Jesus’ death and resurrection) the main thing! Not just on Easter Sunday, but into Monday and beyond. We must not forget that if we are going to talk about the resurrection on Sunday, we got to live it on Monday!

Most things that are empty possess little power. There has never been more power in an empty thing as it was in the empty tomb on Easter Sunday! Live in the finished work at Calvary today and in the power of the resurrected Savior! We live…because He lives! That’s worth rejoicing about…not just on Monday, but everyday!!!

1 Corinthians 15:1-19

Friday is Good

I can’t help but think about how the followers of Jesus must have felt as they watched Him be mocked, crucified and die a death He didn’t deserve. You see, we can see Sunday as we look back to the cross, but on that day upon Calvary’s hill, their broken hearts wouldn’t allow them to see past Friday as they looked up to the cross. It wasn’t “good” in that moment. It was somber beyond what we can even begin to fathom. As I woke up this morning, my heart has felt a tiny piece of what Mary felt as she watched her son be delivered to Pilate and hang lifeless, beyond recognition beside two thieves. Every few minutes I will hear an onset of rain outside, as I sit comfortably on my couch, reading about how Jesus was charged by Pilate and the shouts of the crowd to “crucify him!” were taking place around the time many years ago as I am typing these words. I am sure that the heart of Jesus in that very moment was so deeply saddened that he wept physically and/or spiritually so much that it was like a downpour from heaven within his soul…dying for someone that is putting you to death! My heart is heavier than it has ever been on a Good Friday. I guess because I feel the sorrow through the writer who walked beside Him, but also because of all this sadness, I have the Comforter (Holy Ghost) within me…personally sent by the Savior who died for me. That gives me cold chills as my fingers try to type the overflowing that is within my heart this morning.

In 2019, I can see that Friday is good. I can see Sunday ahead. I can see the finished work on Calvary. But to have rejoicing on Sunday, I must reflect on the pain and suffering it took to get there.

Without His pain, I would have no promise.

Without His death, I would have no life.

Without Good Friday, there would be no Easter Sunday.

Psalm 80

When you live a life of obedience and stay in The Word, our soul is constantly reminded how dependent we are on the Lord.

In Psalm 80, Israel’s disobedience has brought ruin to the temple and destruction to God’s people. Asaph is crying out for restoration from God for their sins…The Babylonians has left them in despair and all he knew to do was to cry out to God. Asaph knew that when he cried out to God in repentance, things would change…there is power in reaching your hand out to the Lord during hard times. We can’t make it on our own…it’s just not possible.

I know sometimes it can feel like you are like Israel…constantly calling out to God to deliver you from your circumstances and problems. More often than not, it’s because self gets in the way and our ways become better than God’s way (in our own minds). God’s way is always best. In verse 14-15, Asaph asks God to “take care of this vine”, meaning to prune it, tend it, tame it and help it to flourish. (Israel is often referred to as a vine God planted) Oh how easy it is for a vine (Israel, you, me) to go in whatever way it chooses…but then he says, “Let your hand be with the man at Your right hand” (verse 17)! We know who that is! Remember the parable of the Vineyard…Jesus is the Vineyard Keeper and the True Vine! We can’t grow into what God would have us to be if we aren’t connected to The Vine! Asaph recognizes where his strength comes from.

I love this quote from Spurgeon:

“Oh, my heart, never did the tender vine so much need the gardener’s care as you need to be kept by your Lord! You are like an infant, suffering from a thousand diseases, but unable to cure himself of any one of them; you are helplessly weak, and if your Father, God, should leave you, there is nothing for you but to die in despair. Dear brothers and sisters, let us have a deep consciousness of the dangers to which we are exposed, not that we may live trembling lives, but that we may be weaned from all trust in self, and may be driven nearer to God, and always seek to live under his divine protection.”

The vine that was Israel was disobedient and unruly…unfaithful. Jesus is always faithful. He is the True Vine that never changes and was obedient to The Father even until death. Let us cling to Him. Let us remind ourselves today that without Jesus, the vine of our life is uprooted (verse 8), looted for its fruit (verse 12-13) and unruly (verse 11)… but with Jesus, our lives are yielding fruits of righteousness! ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!


My daddy has several goats at his house. Honestly, they are so cute when they are little, but the bigger they get…the uglier they get. Now that’s just my opinion, so I will apologize now for all the goat lovers out there. I’m sorry.


Secondly, I’m sure you have also noticed that goats love to climb up on high things. I’ve read because they are very “sure-footed”. Simply, they are confident and unable to slip or fall. Usually, I will find one or more goats perched on an old doghouse in the pen with the goats. They stand proudly on the top overlooking the yard. They are watching everything below them from their lofty view….confident that from whatever position they chose to take, they are not going to fall.

Lastly, those horns on those goats. I’ve had one thrust his horns into my legs before and it doesn’t feel good. My dad has been hit so hard before by one it knocked him on his back. Maybe it is done in a playful mood, but a lot of times it can be done with other goats to show dominance or to try and boast with a quick jolt to whatever it is trying to get the attention of at the moment. Many times I have watched a goat get up on its back legs to raise his horns high and then charge at something…just to appear a little bigger, maybe?

Now, this is just my observance, but aren’t we a lot like goats? When we are born, we are just cute little babies, so precious. Then, we grow up. Not everyone, but some of us become quite ugly. We stand tall. Confident and haughty…sure-footed in everything we can do, knowing that we are incapable of falling into sin. We become very proud. We like to look down on those below us and thrust our horns at our peers showing dominance, pride and how wonderful we are. A lot of times, we even take pride in knocking others down with judgement or condescension.

Read Psalm 75.

As I was reading, I couldn’t help but thing about my daddy’s goats and how much the children of God can resemble them at times and then wonder why no one wants to go to church, be a Christian and know about the Jesus we serve. How can we expect to be effective for the cause of Christ when we look like a proud goat standing on self instead of a humble sheep following The Shepherd? I believe as a child of God we should always be humble, no matter what God has allowed us to accomplish on this side of eternity. We are quick to judge each other based on the house we live in, the car we drive or the career we chose, but God could care less about all that stuff and so should we. It’s temporal, friend. Don’t try and store up treasures in that “doghouse you standing on” here on earth, but in our forever, heavenly home.

God says that He is the judge…and His judgement is always perfect and true. Our judgement is based on our view of things in this world. Opinions. Not facts. My heart was encouraged this morning to remember that each day God is a divine appointment to tell about the wonderful works of the Lord (verse 1). Leave the judgement to Him. Let’s just sing His praises, because He is worthy.

Psalm 73

Do you have an extravagant desire for God? Do you just go through the motions or do you seek and desire God more than anything else.

This was the sermon from last night and then my reading this morning sent me to Psalm 73. God is wanting me to be reminded that I need to desire Him more than anything. I am willing, but I must also be obedient. Both are required. A desire for Him and Him alone. This world will have you feeling like serving God is worthless, but don’t be stupid (verse 22)…your flesh and heart may fail you at times, but God is your portion forever (verse 26).

Read Psalm 73.

Be encouraged and desire noting on earth but God. (verse 25)

In doing so, everything else in your life will fall into place.

Willing AND obedient. A passion for Jesus. An extravagant desire. Serving Him above everything else.

It’s worth it, friends.