Clothed in Kindness

I don’t know about you, but I love a Sunday afternoon nap. I love a Sunday afternoon nap even more after Daylight Savings Time! So, it was already arranged that after church I was coming home and crawling in bed for a little siesta. However, when I got home I started flipping through Netflix. I was intrigued by a show call “The Kindness Diaries”.

I watched the first episode.

I cried.

I watched the second episode.

I cried even more.

(No nap here)

The show follows a man (Leon) around the world relying on nothing but the kindness of strangers for food, a place to sleep, and gas to keep his little yellow motorcycle on the road. Everyone wants to talk about Birdbox (which I have not seen), but this is one that more people should be watching!

Now to follow along with the theme of kindness, our pastor started last week talking about “Making an impression on God”. Last night he made the statement, “The way we bless others makes an impression on God.” Oh how true! We are the hands and feet of Jesus, friend. I couldn’t help but think about how the kind hands and feet of other people was moving Leon around the world. It’s our job to show kindness to those around us. Not because we are expecting anything in return, but to bring honor and glory to the one that has shown immense kindness to us! Kindness doesn’t have to be a gift or cost you anything. It could be as simple as offering a compliment to someone or a handwritten note.

For example, me and the hubby went through the drive-thru on Friday night at almost 11 o’clock to get a quick bite to eat because I had been working and we were starving from no supper. When we got up to order, the voice that came across the speaker of the Taco Bell drive-thru was so friendly, upbeat and articulate. I said to the hubby how nice the guy was and I continued to dig in my pocketbook for some quarters, so I would have exact change. When we got up to the window, the face at the window was all smiles and as friendly as the one that took our order. We exchange money, drinks and food and before we rolled the window back up, I leaned over and said, “I just want to tell you how friendly both of you are and you are doing a great job. It’s a breath of fresh air and I know you are busy (there was a very long line behind us), but it was appreciated.” Now, I’m not saying that to give myself a pat on the back or to brag, but it took a couple extra seconds, didn’t cost me anything and it blessed those young boys in the Taco Bell drive-thru, because their faces lit up. There’s always a place to sneak in kindness, friend. I believe the things we do for others should not be displayed, shared on social media or told about to all our neighbors. As a child of a God, our reward is not on earth, but in heaven.

We are to be clothed in kindness each day. I know it’s hard when you are tired, frustrated or someone hasn’t treated you with kindness. As you pull out your dress, it can sometimes be easy to shove it back in the closet when you feel you have been given more kindness than you received. Don’t lose faith. Keep dressing up and showing up.

This world needs you.

This world needs God.

And more often than not, the only God it sees may be you, dressed up in kindness.

Bless someone today.