I was reading an excerpt online from Martin R. Dehaan II about Proverbs 8 and it helped me a little bit as I was relating the present days to our lack of wisdom. He was talking about some whales in Florida for whatever reason decided to just lunge themselves on the shore in apparent suicide. Even after people tried to create a barrier wall to force them back in the water, they made attempts to still try and force themselves ashore. I want to share with you what He said next that resonated with me in a mighty way, because I see this so clearly in the world today.

There’s something about human beings that mimics those whales. Our sinful nature causes us to self-destruct. The Creator has provided a sea of wisdom for us to live in. Yet like unreasonable animals, we seem obsessed with a desire to break out of the element we were created for. Instead of remaining in the expanse of a loving conscious submission to God, we throw ourselves onto the arid ground of disobedience.” -Martin R Dehaan II

Wow. Think about the world. Right now. Today.

We have people throwing themselves out of the will of God. We want to break free from the “rules”…as many would put it. We want to do what we want, when we want it, and how we want it, with no regard for what is pleasing to our Father in heaven. Whether we realize it or not, that is the path of self-destruction. Why do you think we see so many people committing suicide, aborting babies and going on mass killing sprees? It is simply, disobedience. We have refused to search for answers in the deep with our Heavenly Father and we go the opposite direction to the shallowness of this world. When we don’t seek wisdom and know The Word, then when take matters into our own hands. There, we find death. It’s says so in verse 36. “…but the one who misses me harms himself; all who hate me love death.” We are to be wise and not ignore instruction (verse 33). You know what happens when you try to put together something without following the instruction booklet? You end up with pieces leftover…and you probably aren’t happy with the end result. Well, anyone who listens to wisdom is happy (verse 34). Wisdom isn’t about following rules. It is about engaging in faithful and obedient service to the God of the universe…freedom in Christ.

Those that refuse wisdom have a depraved and twisted value system. Isn’t that our world? What is wrong is right and what is right is wrong! The world has become morally corrupt and evil in all its ways. Whenever we choose to sin and ignore God’s wisdom, we are saying that we know better than God…we are smarter than Him. That again is our world. We have taken our ways and put them above the values and morals of God. Then, when death is all around us we become a reactive voice. Christians aren’t called to be reactive, but proactive. We must take a stand by shouting wisdom and making it heard. Wisdom takes a stand. See Proverbs 8:1-3. The truth is the truth no matter whether we choose to believe it or not. Don’t get it twisted…God loves you and there are benefits for those who seek wisdom. Read Proverbs 8. Soak it in. The answers to our world and its self-destruction lies within the pages of God’s Word….not within ourselves.

I will always choose to open up God’s Word and defuse the self-destruction that is found outside of His will.