Keep Diggin’

Back in Proverbs again this morning and it’s hard to concentrate on my reading with Mr. T looking at me on the opposite page , but God gave me such a clear vision this morning about how to look at wisdom and His Word…so, of course I must continue!

I don’t know if you have ever watched the show, “The Curse of Oak Island”, but it is about these modern day-treasurer hunters that are searching for a long lost treasure apparently pretty deep beneath the earth’s surface. Now, I am not an expert of the show, because I only watch it now and again, but my husband loves it…so I humor him and will watch it occasionally. As I was reading in Proverbs 2 this morning, God talks about “receiving His Words and to treasure up His commandments” (verse 1), to seek understanding like silver and search for it like hidden treasures (verse 4)…there is where you will find the wisdom of the Lord. I thought about those treasure hunters on that show for a minute. They will dig and find a coin, a piece of wood, a gemstone or some significant piece of the possible puzzle that keeps them intrigued to keep going on their hunt. The hunters may not understand what role that piece plays, but they keep it and refuse to give up, even when they have leads that don’t pan out. After hunting or finding a “treasure” the place where they meet to discuss all their findings is called “The War Room”. It’s a round-table discussion about how what they found has impacted the hunt. Then, they are back to diggin’.

Now hold tight, ’cause I love this. When we open up the Bible, we may not alway understand what is written on the pages and how it applies to our life thousands of years after it was written, but I promise if you just keep it…store it in your heart…and get in your “war room” (prayer closet), God will reveal to you great treasures. Get in a discussion with God about what you found. He will talk back, that’s a promise!

Just keep diggin’. God will show you great and mighty things! God’s Word is intriguing. You will find a little piece of scripture that can get you through a tough day and encouragement to face uncertain times. The more you keep piling up those “pieces of scripture”, the more interested you become in serving Him and you want to keep going, those little “golden nuggets” keep you searching for the ultimate treasure! What is that you ask? Wisdom and Knowledge! It makes you more Christ-like, it deepens your relationship with your Savior and you now have the ability to know and apply God’s richness to your life like never before!

So, keep diggin’.

To know and apply God’s Word PAYS OFF!