Accepting Imperfection

I don’t know how many times I have been in a paint class and heard someone say, “My painting doesn’t look like yours, it looks awful”…or at least something similar to that. I do it with my own paintings, but I am used to the mistakes. I know, because while painting I’ve made mistakes on my canvas and had to just “keep painting”…but in the end, I am happy with the end result and no one ever is the wiser that there may be something that I don’t like because of a art tragedy! Someone that has never picked up a paintbrush might not understand that those mistakes often help to make their art better and send them in a different direction to new creativity…I usually step in and show them that all hope is not lost. They are then able to see how their own “artistic tragedies” aren’t tragic at all, but just a story to tell when they are talking about their painting their friends and family. I am usually quick to tell people to “trust the process” during a class, because I can see to the end of the painting…they are only seeing each brushstroke.

I went back to reading in Lysa’s book today and she had a whole Chapter about paintings and people. I told y’all we were soul sisters!  As I was reading, I could help but think that God is just like the “instructor” in our lives. We don’t always see past the mistakes we have made, the tragedies that come our way, but He is always there to redirect us and help us see the beauty that comes from trusting His process. He sees the end of the painting. We only see a few brushstrokes scattered across a chaotic canvas of life most days.

You see, mistakes are going to happen. Tragedy will almost certainly come. We aren’t going to have a perfect life, because we are human. We are imperfect. We are unfinished. Everyone wants to leave a paint class with a perfect painting. It’s not going to happen. No one’s painting is perfect. Lysa said, “I expect perfect in me and perfect in others that not even God expects. If God is patient with the process, why can’t I be?” God knows we aren’t perfect, but He loves us anyway. Why can’t we accept our imperfection and love ourselves, too?

Listen to the Creator. He is telling you the truth in just how beautiful you are. You are a masterpiece…even with all your flaws and missed brushstrokes. I love that God sees the finished work in me. Be patient with yourself. You are not yet finished…God is still painting your story. When He is finished, you will have a testimony that will bring your Redeemer glory!

Don’t be afraid to paint. 
This world is your canvas. Make it beautiful.

I added these paintbrushes and paint in Lysa TerKeurst’s new book “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way” as a reminder to be okay with unfinished imperfection.