Tree of Life

Trusting God.
Now that’s so simple, huh? We say we do, but in reality we are very quick to lose faith when we don’t understand His ways or His plans. I am constantly repeating in my head to God…”Just give me what I need Lord and a fresh perspective on Your Word. Help me to understand You.” Just as I want to understand my children…the subtle nuances in their personalities even though they have the same DNA, I want to be able to relate to each one of them on an intimate level. I’m doing so, I know how to approach them when it comes to discipline, love, trust, general conversation, etc., because they have such different spirits. With that being said, how are we supposed to approach God when we don’t understand Him? How are we supposed to trust His sovereignty when we haven’t taken the time to approach Him through prayer, studying the scriptures and worship?
Let me tell you how cool God is and how He shows himself daily to me…if I am willing to pay attention. So, I told you yesterday I started the Chronological Bible (after seeing several unrelated posts on Facebook), I also started reading my girl Lysa’s book after it was placed in my path on several different unrelated scenarios. I have also struggled with the Creation for a long time because I just couldn’t wrap my head around an all-knowing God creating us, knowing that we would disobey Him. It seemed illogical. 
Chasing the desires in my heart to really learn more about Him, both studies (Lysa’s book and the Bible, of course) started in Genesis and gave me such a profound understanding of God to kick-start this year! The answers have always been there for me…I just don’t think I was ready to receive them. I don’t think my trust was there…even after being saved for over 20 years! My faith continues to get stronger each day, because I have finally realized that God sometimes doesn’t make sense. Why? Because we weren’t made to eat from that tree of knowledge of good and evil. We couldn’t handle knowing it all…now that is mercy, my friend! I love that the more I want to understand Him, the more I learn to trust Him! Let me share with you from what I read sitting in the lobby of the dentist office this morning. I was wanting to cry, jump up and scream, “why don’t people get it!”, but I just sat there quietly and soaked it in my spirit (and ‘cause my back ain’t gonna let me do any kind of jumping right now). Why so excited? The same picture I drew yesterday was written in her book today! 

“Make a different choice than Eve did. She demanded all the knowledge right away in her own way while ignoring God’s way. If only she would have noticed that other tree. The tree of life. The tree of God’s best way and perfect provision. It was there for her. She had a choice. So do we.” -Lysa TerKeurst

When your trust is wavering, shift your focus from the tree of knowledge to the tree of life. We don’t need all the answers to our situation…we just need to rely on an all-knowing God and the assurance we have in Him. Trust the process, even when you don’t understand His plan. Don’t be like Eve and abandon the tree of life…Fix your eyes upon it. But your trust in Jesus, who could be compared to the tree of life…as He IS life.

“Those who know Your name trust in You because You have not abandoned those who seek You, Yahweh.” Psalm 9:10