Sometimes I have found myself wanting to be able to see ahead a little into the future because I am a planner. I don’t like surprises and I want to be prepared for whatever might come my way. However, with life that isn’t possible. We have a blindfold on over eyes as we approach each day. Our lives can change within an instant for the good or for the bad. The question that we must ask ourselves is, “When we cannot “see” the plan that God has clearly laid out for us, will we keep the blindfold of faith in God over our eyes and trust that He is in control? Or, will we try to peek out from underneath the darkness and try to manipulate the work of the Lord? That blindfold of God makes us totally dependent upon Him for EVERYTHING. The small stuff…the big stuff….and whatever falls in between! When we have the blindfold of God on, we are unable to focus on the world around us, because we are allowing Him to lead our steps and guide us where He would have us to go. He is holding our hand (if we let Him) and showing us the turns, valleys and mountains that come our way. We can’t predict them, but if we trust God, He will lead us in the right direction that will bring Him glory and honor. With the blindfold on and walking by faith, we are saying that we trust what God says more than what the world is telling us…’cause if we could see past the noses on our face, we would be depending on ourselves and others to make it through each day. It’s okay to rely on others for support, but when we choose to live according to what God reveals to us, rather than trust our own understanding…we will truly see!
2 Corinthians 5:7